KTZ model KTZ 1 C3 ss10

KTZ mod. KTZ 1 C1 ss10

KTZ mod. KTZ 1 C3 ss10

LINDA FARROW’s “rugby” visor sunglasses made for KTZ’s spring summer collection 2010. A very sophisticated pair of sunglasses. A clash of genres. From sport to space helmet, to raver. The creative team at Linda Farrow and the designers they work with have come up with some of the most innovative designs from 2009 till today (2011). Let’s hope they keep up the visionary work.

Kokon To Zai (KTZ) have a very limited range of sunglasses made to date and the model “KTZ 1 C3” is truely the best one out there. KTZ’s designer is Sasko Bezovski.

The shades are made of metal and then spray painted in one of the followong colors: gold, silver, white or black. The color may chip off easily. The spray technique was not done as well as it could have been.you need to handle them with extreme care.

LINDA FARROW produced these sunglasses in China, which does not justify the high retail cost. Another flaw is the packaging. There is no hard case made to fit these shades. They come only in a carton box. At this price range customers should expect more from a luxury brand. Nevertheless, the design is flawless.

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