First you need to understand if there are problems: there are ways by which, without analyzing the natal chart, you can determine how harmonious and strong the moon is. Signs that the moon requires relaxation: poor anxious sleep, frequent insomnia; dislike for children / nevertheless, and hyper custody in relation to them - a sign of the infantile moon; chronic hostility to cooking, home comfort; dislike for animals, especially cats; constant wilting of indoor plants in your home; infantilism, problems with taking responsibility; excessive laziness; you often get sick in transport; you are always dissatisfied with everything: husband / wife, work, country; you are afraid of changes, there is no trust in the world, on the other hand, a constant desire for changes is also not good, it seems that thanks to the changes you will achieve a feeling of much-desired inner comfort, but alas this is just an illusion; have a craving for emigration, with the confidence that life is definitely better there and, on the contrary, hostility towards the homeland; healing emotions; absolute indifference to the feelings of other people; if you are a man - despise women; if you are a woman - have difficulty conceiving / with the menstrual cycle obsession with the past, often from the older generation you can hear “how good it was in the era of the USSR”, but in fact it was good, because there was youth, here it is a typical obsession with the past; bad habits, alcohol and drug addiction